About Us

We started in 2010 with a simple idea - secure websites! Today our work serves hundreds of thousands visitors everyday.

Websecure was founded to respond to a growing need of defense against website attacks of the Israeli web industry. As your business grows and evolves your website security becomes more crucial to your continuing success. Our team is committed to make Israeli websites more safe and secure than ever before. We aim to be the watchdog of the Israeli Internet industry. Websecure performs annual website scans and alerts the owners. Once an exploit is found an informative email is sent to website owner. The email points to a password protected page which contains general information about your site flaws. The service is provided free of charge and calls you for action to address a security specialist.


Rishon Lezion
Yohonan Hasandlar 12, Rishon Lezion

Tel: 972-54-6805500